28 December 2005

Poem Five: Want/Plenty

I counted the numbers of wants and plentys in the original document so that I could graphically represent it in the staircase poem. Over 5oo wants, over 200 plentys. The historical significance of that is highly questionable. Anyhow, I chose a font that is very thin and spidery, and thus extremely hard to "weed" --that's signmakers' lingo for the act of pulling away the excess vinyl around the cut letters. So many hours spent "weeding" in the studio. I liked it. I miss the physicality of painting and drawing in the poetry end of things. Getting to "weed" the text and apply it with my hands to the metal panels or the limestone walls is satisfying in the way that applying warm gesso to panels is, or mixing oil paints on a glass pallette.


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