21 February 2007

Poem One: Make Good

I wrote 12 poems, one a month, from August 2005 to August 2006. The title of this one appears vertically in red letters in the second stanza as seen here beginning one riser above this fellow's feet.
Read back through the blog archives beginning with the earliest entries to see the project in its entirety.
Staircase Poems

Poem 1 Make Good All Exisiting
Poem 2 The Cleaheen Road
Poem 3 Dirty Weather
Poem 4 Zaden Bestseller/No Bestseller
Poem 5 Want/Plenty
Poem 6 Memorandum in Winter
Poem 7 Things I Didn't Know I Loved
Poem 8 A Story from Effernagh
Poem 9 Portrait of Mr. Justice Feargus Flood
Poem 10 Caution Staircases
Poem 11 Report (McGahern)
Poem 12 How Blow-ins Become Locals


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