22 May 2006

Poem Ten: Caution Staircases (cannot be goosestepped up)

The next exhibition at the Dock (opens Friday, hope to see ya there!) is about architecture. Go to their website to see more details, but I will say that it's a really interesting mix of exhibitors and the overarching idea of the show is sound: clear and concise. Lacking gobbledygook. Ok, that's my plug for the show (CaoimhĂ­n you can send the cheque to me directly). When I heard they were dealing with architecture, I thought I'd focus a poem toward two things I'd been thinking about recently: staircases and signage.

So the poem is half words/half pictures--the words are short statements of fact in the register of signage. And the other half of the poem is a series of images from the wacky world of signage. Some are stock images and others are manipulated in good ol' Sign Maker program. I must say it was fun making a sign that visually represented the line "cannot be goosestepped up". Because you cannot goosestep up a staircase. I dare you to try. Wear steel-tipped shoes before trying, as I don't want any bruised toes on you, my dear reader.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Checking in again after a long pause...Yes, signage! I have been also been struck by signage, mostly related to doors. Push. Pull. Poussez. Tirez. Over and over again. When did this start? And my favorite...when faced with double doors: Please use other door.

4:59 a.m.  

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