02 September 2006


Caoimhín Corrigan (The Dock's managing director and Arts Officer for Leitrim) and I talked to Vincent Woods (a poet and playwright who is from Leitrim) on RTÉ' radio's arts programme
  • Rattlebag<

    I read three poems and the text of those poems can be found on this site:

    Things I Didn't Know I Loved (February archive)
    Memorandum in Winter (January archive)
    How Blow-ins Become Locals (August archive)

    By the way, the people who do programming at RTÉ radio made a very lily-livered decision in cutting John Kelly's music show Mystery Train and axeing Rattlebag. Well, they say they've moved their arts programming to another slot: eleven o'clock AT NIGHT! Long-distance truckers with an interest in the arts are rejoicing. The rest of us are disgusted. It can only be seen as a cynical response from an organization that has the nerve to play their motto "RTÉ Supporting The Arts". The good news: John Kelly is moving himself and his ample collection of musical recordings to Lyric FM (around 97 on your dial) from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, weekdays, starting in October. Switch. And keep telling RTÉ that they've made a serious mistake.

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