30 December 2007

Wax Ear: a film poem (2007)

"Wax Ear" is a film poem made by Orla Mc Hardy and me for the 15 Second Film Festival in Belfast. It is based on my poem of the same title. Full text of the poem is below.  The italicized lines in the poem are from Russell Hoban's novel Riddley Walker, the whole of which is written in an invented dialect. Orla Mc Hardy is a film-maker who lives in Dublin. Last year she made an animated film called "The Grass is Greener" based on Ivor  Cutler's poem of the same title; the film includes Cutler's voice saying the poem.  You can find out more about Orla's work at her website; click on her name above.

Wax Ear

You oughta take God's hint
who gave you twice as many ears
as tongues. It takes years, this.
Fuck the career.
Becaws I begun to know by then
I were some kind of lissener as well.


Blogger Agnieszka Grandowicz said...

I made one poem movie, it's in Polish, based on my text - maybe some of you can understand Polish language...


5:10 p.m.  

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